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At GTHS we are committed to protecting the environment and the planet for the future. We strive to achieve exceptional standards in Social, Ethical and Health & safety compliance. We believe that it’s a shared responsibility from supply chain to retailers to the customer to make the change. We aim to reduce our impact on the environment wherever possible.


With scaling innovation like 3D design eliminating waste & Zero waste pattern cutting. Our Product life cycle management, and the design team are committed to create product built to last. Offering certified recycled options in line with your requests. Full traceability and transparency.


Engaging with our sustainable & ethical like-minded partners. FSC certification – protecting biodiversity, fauna and flora and forest conservation.


Our manufacturing factories and partners are audited internally and externally by 3rd party for health and safety international standards.


Thanks to our sustainability and social responsibilities policies, backed by certifications from authorized institutions and exhaustive quality controls, we are approved suppliers for the leading international fashion retailers.

We subscribe to, partner with and support the following organisations.

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